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Leading company in Quantum technology

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About us.

  Quantum technology, one of the "Top 10 National Essential Strategic Technologies," is a field that is difficult to transfer technology between countries as it is treated as a national security technology worldwide, and Korea is also focusing on securing technology leadership.


  Accordingly, it is necessary to develop its own domestic technology and it is time to preoccupy the domestic market. We intend to contribute to market revitalization in the early stages of quantum information technology by developing quantum communication-only S/W simulators based on the years of quantum communication research and software development experience of co-founders.


  Quantum information and communication technology has recently been improved beyond the laboratory level to enable production, but unlike traditional wired/wireless communication, it still requires additional theories on physics/optics, making technical access difficult. We are developing a variety of products by focusing on the capabilities of team members composed of quantum technology experts, and our goal is to build a quantum Internet beyond quantum communication.



2023.06  Quantum Korea 2023

2023.05  National Assembly MWC2023 exhibition

2023.05  SuperGap Startup 1000+ Launching Ceremony

2023.04  2023 Edison Award "Bronze" 

2023.02  MWC 2023 - 4YFN (stand 8.1C62.7)

2023.01  CES 2023 Eureka Park (awarded "Innovation Awards")


2022.12  Acquired ISO 9001 & 14001

2022.11  QSIMpro demonstrated at 15th Army M&S International Conference

2022.09  Established Research & Development Center

2022.08  KU Tech Fair for CES 2023 "Excellence Award"

2022.06  QSIMpro demonstrated in Korea Military Science and Technology Society General Conference

2022.06  Selected as 2022 KB Unicorn Club

2022.05  Moved into BI center of Korea University Crimson Entrepreneurship Foundation

2022.04  QSIMpro demonstrated at "ITRC Talent Cultivation Competition 2022" in WIS2022

2022.04  Company name changed to QSIMPLUS

2022.02  QSIMpro demonstrated at KICS Winter Conference


2021.08  Acquired "Venture business certification"

2021.04  Q.C Lab established (located in Seoul)


From Quantum Communication

                         To Quantum Internet



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