From Quantum communication To Quantum Internet


was founded in 2021 based on the three co-founders' years of experience in quantum communication research and engineering skills. We are growing into a quantum communication company.

In the early stages of quantum information technology, we are focusing on developing user-centered products to contribute to market activation and provide integrated solutions for building fiber-based and free-space quantum communication.

Focusing on the capabilities of our team of quantum technology experts, we are developing a wide range of products, including hardware equipment and network operation software, and aim to build a quantum Internet beyond quantum communication.



  • - Incorporation(13.Apr)
  • - “Venture Enterprise” certification


  • - Establishment of Company affiliated research institute
  • - Selected as a member of KB Unicorn Club 2nd generation
  • - Registered with Tech-Fi Net
  • - Acquired ISO 9001 & 14001
  • - Exhibition activities(WIS, etc.)


  • - CES 2023 Innovation Award
  • - 2023 Edison Awards Bronze Award
  • - Government projects in progress
  • - Move in MARU by The Asan Nanum Foundation
  • - Exhibition activities
    (CES2023, MWC2023, Quantum Korea, etc.)


  • - CES 2024 Innovation Award
  • - plan to participate in CES2024 & MWC2024(4YFN)

Business Model

BM : Sales of small hardwares and network operation softwares for quantum communication

  • Core Competency

    Quantum communication theory/implementation + Engineering skills

  • Solutions

    Development of an integrated solution for fiber-based/free-space and satellite quantum communication

  • Customers

    Areas requiring quantum information technology education and absolute security



Co-founders 3 persons
  • Software
    Development Team

    SW product development / validation Maintenance

  • Hardware
    Development Team

    HW product development / validation Outsourcing management

  • Technology Commercialization Team

    Local and overseas marketing Network deployment strategy

  • Strategic
    Planning Team

    Product planning / Quality management Patent / Business support / management